Start your best day ever with Fun Supply’s Dry Season Sunrise Sup!

Get your friends together for an early morning paddle and witness a beautiful sunrise.

It can be an intense early morning alternative workout, a play in the small friendly dryseason waves, or a casual paddle across to cafe de la plage for a coffee or breakfast, then paddle back all before 9am with your whole day still ahead of you!

Call Geoff on 0419443144 or Tony on 0459443144, to pre book your sunrise sup board/s.

Dry Season morning paddles are popular so make your booking a few days before to avoid missing out.




SUP Darwin

Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP) Lessons

Come and get amongst it. Get outdoors, be active, challenge your balance. Put a smile on your face laughing Cheaper than a meal at a restaurant. Do something you never thought you’d do in Darwin EVER!  

From sunrise to sunset we hire and give lessons at times to suit you. You can hire a board from 1hr up to multiple days. You can meet us at the water at our scheduled times. Or you can come to us to pick up your board then return it to us after you’ve finished. We lend out removable soft racks and straps for those that don’t have a car with roof racks!

Fun Supply - Darwin Kitesurfing

Kite lessons

Darwin windsurfing addicts started kitesurfing at our metro beaches around the early 2000’s.

As soon as the first Wipika and Naish kites were made available through our windsurfing suppliers the adventures began!


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Fun Supply - Darwin Kitesurfing


Hydro-foiling is the perfect sport for Darwin’s light to moderate winds and small to medium waves.

Local kiters that have been kiting here for over 10 years are dropping their kite sizes drastically and getting out on the water for a lot more guaranteed kiting sessions since taking up foiling.

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Fun Supply - Darwin Stand Up Paddle - SunRise SuP


Darwin does get waves from ankle to overhead every wet season.  Anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months worth.   

Nightcliff Beach, Casuarina Beach and Dripstone Cliffs are the main breaks. Popular tides are 4-6 plus metres.  

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