Darwin windsurfing addicts started kitesurfing at our metro beaches around the early 2000’s.

As soon as the first Wipika and Naish kites were made available through our windsurfing suppliers the adventures began!

The sport has come a long way since those days. Improvements in the safety mechanisms and the quality of materials being manufactured make the kite flying experience much safer and more accessible to beginners than ever before.

We experience mostly light to moderate winds in the Top End, with wide open beaches, which can make it perfect for learning safely and ideal for learning to kite with a Hydro-Foil. The climate is moderate to hot, and due to our Dryseason Trades (May to October) and Wet season Monsoonal winds (December to March), kitesurfing is possible all year!

Dedicated local veterans are recording 200+ kite sessions a year and even more now that Hydro-foiling has made lighter winds more accessible.

If you are coming to Darwin, bring your big kites (12 – 19m). It is possible during the peak of both Dry and Wet seasons to need a kite as small as 7m however big kites are the norm. If you are a competent hydro foiler you will get away with a quiver of 7-10m kites.

If you are a beginner, come and see us at Fun Supply, we have a variety of options to get you up and kitesurfing in our local conditions.



Darwin can be the perfect place to learn to kitesurf. With lessons conducted all year in light to moderate winds and wide open beaches.  

The best months are The Dry Season during May  to October (Winter) and

The Wet Season, December to March (Summer). 

Typical Autumn and Spring months between seasons are generally less windy and harder to predict.

You will often see local experienced kiters kiting all year round in Darwin. However the chances of it being windy for the whole duration of your two hour lesson in Autumn and Spring is less likely and multiple trips to the beach to complete one lesson is often the case these times of the year.  As such, if we suspect the wind on any given day is going to be short lived (15-45mins) we may choose not to hold your lesson that day and opt for a day where the weather pattern has ‘set in’ and more likely to stay for the duration of your 2 hr lesson.   

Come and learn to kitesurf with us at Fun Supply! 

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Darwin Kitesurfing 

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