We love skateboarding but dont stock much skate gear even though we can get it in, its not our specialty. 

If you are after specific park skate gear try Proper Mayfair in the city or Shiner Town in Woolner… 

Darwin is a small place and we believe you should support your small local dealer.

What we do stock though is more specific to all you surf/ocean addicts out there…. Carver Skateboards are designed to get you carving up the pavement when the waves are flat! 

Call 0459-443-144 to see what we have in stock and if its not the one you love we’ll see if we can get it in. 


Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 3.53.13 PM

CI Flyer Surfskate complete w/CX Raw Trucks

Carver have continued in thier development of surf/skate pairings with the Channel Islands Flyer, designed by Al Merrick. They’ve kept the slight rail bump at the tail, giving you a slightly wider back foot platform while keeping the overall template light and snappy, just like it’s namesake. 

RRP was $405…. FUN PRICE is now $395

COMPLETE Oracle CXraw large

Oracle Surfskate complete w/CX Raw Trucks

Featuring a classic thumbnail template, it’s wide where it counts and pulled in where it can be to give this board a balance of maneuverability on the flats and speed on the hills. 

RRP was $405…. FUN PRICE is now $395

Triton is born of the sea, but rides atop the land. It carves with the same power, speed and flow of the fabled finned watercraft that inspired it. Everything about it is pure surf, from the directional templates and iconic graphics to the quick turning geometry and easy rail-to-rail pump.

Triton’s high performance comes from it’s precision-pivot Carver trucks, fast and grippy Roundhouse wheels and 7 ply hard rock maple Triton deck, each the result of over 20 years of surfskate innovation and experience. Made for the world market, it comes with the commitment to good design and durability that makes Triton the true surfskate of the people so wherever you are, you can MAKE WAVES.


Length: 29

Width: 9.625

Tail: 6.125

Nose: 3.250

Wheelbase: 15.5"

A Smaller board that’s easy to stash and throw around, it’s perfect for a little driveway snapper that’s sized for riders who want a board that’s super easy to pump

RRP was $329...FUN PRICE is now $295 

Triton Green Glass-uai-1032x1548


Length: 32.5

Width: 9.875

Tail: 6.5

Nose: 3.5

Wheelbase: 18.375

Featuring a longer wheelbase for faster pumping and wider stance, it has a bit more length and stability fro more drawn out carves.

RRP was $329...FUN PRICE is now $295

Triton Blue Horizon-uai-1032x1548


Length: 31

Width: 9.625

Tail: 6.375

Nose: 3.375

Wheelbase: 17"

A very versatile size and shape, it’s fast pumping for pre-sesh warm ups and driveway surfing, and stable pushing on everyday sessions through town.

RRP was $329...FUN PRICE is now $295

Triton Black Star-uai-1032x1548

BLACK STAR w/CX Raw Trucks

Length: 30.5

Width: 9.875

Tail: 6.5

Nose: 3.375

Wheelbase: 16.5"

With its wider spooned nose and fuller kick tail, this odel is ideal for banks and skateparks, and for those looking for that classic old-school feel. 

RRP was $329...FUN PRICE is now $295

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