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We sell the gear that works in Darwin conditions, from all the major brands; Naish, Duotone, Ozone, Slingshot plus more...

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Fun Supply provide Kitesurfing lessons all year round in a format to suit you and your availability. Designed around our local conditions which can range from very light winds to very strong winds. We teach you the skills needed to cope with both!

One option available is our Kitesurfing introduction lessons. Using the Ozone Ignition trainer kites, it’s the fastest, safest, easiest and most fun way to learn the subtleties of kitesurfing.

Contact us at Fun Supply we have more than 26 years combined experience with kitesurfing and can show you how to take the first steps.

Perfect for Kids or Adults interested in trying it out.

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Naish 2019 Pivots

Winner of 2018 Red Bull’s King of the Air, the Pivot is direct, versatile and efficient, maintaining its stand out performer status in the Naish kite line. Perfect for both novice and professional kiters alike, the Pivot provides plenty of sheet-in-and-go, predictable power, direct bar pressure, easy jumping and control in the air. The superior choice for versatile performance, the Pivot maintains a large wind range, proving dynamic and responsive in everything from waves to flat water. 

While the Pivot has received various tweaks and improvements that enhance the performance characteristics, it continues to stay true to its loyal following and remain as one of the most sought after kites worldwide.

12m $1999 Kite only price

14m $2149 Kite only price


Naish 2019 Torque Bar and Lines 

ATB 24m $699

Naish 2019 Boxer 

Blending efficiency and innovation, this forgiving kite is incredibly versatile. Designed primarily for foiling, the Boxer has proven to be so adaptable and accessible, it appeals to all skillsets and riding styles.

A single luff strut marries the best characteristics of strutless and strutted kite designs. The strut’s relaxed connection to the canopy creates a dynamic structure, which allows the canopy to freely expand and contract, while maintaining the strength of a strutted framework to handle heavier loads with ease.

An outstanding underpowered kite, the Boxer is incredibly easy to relaunch, light to the touch, responsive but gentle. Very easy to sheet in and go, this kite is quick, easy to control and generates power quickly. It’s light and lively feel at the fingertips makes it approachable and forgiving.

8m $1459

12m $1859

Naish 2018 Hero


140x43 $699 includes fins and Apex Bindings

145x43.5 $699 includes fins and Apex Bindings

 Naish Apex II  Bindings





2019 Nugget CSC 

Light Wind/Small Waves

The Nugget CSC is based on the Whip outline with some fundamental differences in aspect ratio and bottom shapes, optimized for light wind and small wave performance. The forward V blends into a deep double V bottom shape, fusing multiple contours that offer the perfect combination of early planing and glide with maximum agility for small wave performance. Increased rail rocker makes the Nugget CSC extremely manoeuvrable when put on the rail. The deep double concave adds grip and also channels water through the flat planing surfaces directly into the quad fins, offering superior lift for maximum light wind and upwind performance. This unique and modern design creates a board that is very stable at speed despite the width.

If you want to have fun every time your feet touch the sand, no matter what the wind and waves are doing, the Nugget CSC will be your magic carpet ride.

5’0" x 20.1/4" x 2.3/8”  25.6L

5’3” x 21” x 2.5/8” 30.9L

Neo 2019

How could they possibly make the Neo better? 

Leading edge refinements to further prevent backstalling...

Wider and lower bridle attachment points that give it better drift and continuous power when turning… 

Larger leading edge and deeper canopy for greater low end grunt…

This kite rocks the waves, big boosts, and loves the shorter lines on a foil board!

Watch below to find out more.

Then call us to order yours today!

44900-3004 2

12m $2039 Kite Only  

$2668 including bar and lines

44900-3004 3

9m $1799 Kite Only 

$2408 including bar and lines 

The Neo is a high-performance purebred wave-riding kite with incredible handling and excellent drifting capabilities that can also perform for freeriding and foiling. If you like nothing better than carving smooth bottom turns and smashing off the lips, then the NEO is the kite for you.

Vegas 2019

A crowd favourite for many years now the Vegas has been improved yet again.

Loved by Freestylers, Wakestylers and big air fanatics, it is the king of C-kites.

For huge lift and pop and a playful fast steering kite, you can’t get much more fun than this!

Watch below to see the changes for this year…

Then call us to order yours today!

The Vegas is the most desired C shaped performance kite on the market, the choice of wakestylers, freestylers, big air junkies and champions! The king of the C-kites is still the choice of our pro team when it comes to freestyle, wakestyle and big air competitions. One of the most stable and predictable kites for looping, you’ll find it flying through the air in South Africa with Aaron Hadlow, Lewis Crathern and Lasse Walker underneath it

Rebel 2019

Whats new in this all time classic high performance freeride kite...

Reduced diameter leading edge for faster more dynamic turning speed

Jump higher, Float longer with the new fatter profile in the center

Watch below to find out how they improved the most purchased kite in the world!

Then call in to Fun Supply to see them in store early September in size 12 and 14m!

Updates on the 2019 model include a smaller, reduced diameter leading edge and a flatter centre shape profile. The goal was to improve the handling and boosting capabilities of the kite. The thinner leading edge makes the new Rebel more efficient, but also allows it to twist, increasing the turning speed and making the handling very dynamic. The new flatter profile in the centre of the kite adds power and improves the flying characteristics. More importantly, the kite now jumps higher and floats for longer; massive airs are even easier on the new Rebel! The kite can be flown in the standard 4 line set up, or if you wish, there is a 5th line upgrade available too. 

This iconic kite has long been the freeride standard all other kites try to emulate, now the bar is set even higher, the new 2019 Rebel will blow you away.

Rebel 2018 

The Rebel is the most popular freeride kite in the world with so much versatility for a wide range of use…Check them out below and in store at Fun Supply!

14m $2445 complete with bar and lines

Dice 2018

Current year 2018 Dice are still in stock at Fun Supply and are reduced to clear in sizes 10 and 13 meters. Such a steal on a great kite!

10m $1900 Complete with bar and lines

13m $2100 Complete with bar and lines


2018 Click bar, we have two still in stock 

WAS $889 not including Chicken loop/Safety leash

NOW $790



Current Model Zephyr Version 5 are in stock at Fun Supply 

$2999 Complete with Bar and Lines

Ozone Enduro V1 one left in stock in 12m size


$1991 12m Complete with bar and lines



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